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Francis Pelissier

Francis Pelissier
 Francis Pelissier (1894-1959) was a French professional bicycle racer. He spent much of his career riding in support of his older brother, 1923 Tour de France winner, Henri Pelissier. Francis Pelissier was the French National Road Race Champion three times; 1921, 1923 and 1924. He finished in second place at the 1914 French Cyclo-Cross Championship and won the World Cyclo-Cross Championship in 1926.

 He had two stage victories while competing in the Tour de France. His first stage victory was the third stage of the 1919 tour. In the 1926 Tour de France he won the first stage and wore the yellow jersey of the race leader for five days.

Francis Pelissier retired from professional racing in 1935. In later years he worked as the team director for the Perle Bicycle Company's racing team. He is credited with giving bicycle racing talent Jacques Anquetil his start at racing. Anquetil went on to be the first racer to win the Tour de France five times.
Francis Pelissier winning the third stage of the 1919 Tour de France
Francis Pelissier 1926
Francis Pelissier - Team Director
To learn more about Francis Pelissier's older brother, Henri Pelissier, click here.

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