Monday, January 14, 2013

Gunnar Roadie - Toys in the Attic - Rockford General Store

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Sunday afternoon the high temperature was in the low 70s. I couldn't miss this opportunity to ride to one of my favorite cycling destinations, Rockford General Store. This has been one of my favorite rides for more than twenty years. The community of Rockford was incorporated in 1819 and at one time was the county seat of Surry County, NC. Rockford General Store opened for business in 1890. The store has a nice front porch with benches and rocking chairs to relax on. Large glass jars of candy are what I enjoy most on the inside of the store. On this trip I filled a small paper bag with chocolate covered coffee beans. There are lots of interesting things to buy in the store and there is also a grill located inside. Click here to visit the Rockford General Store web site.

One of the attractions that I have enjoyed in the past, while riding to Rockford, was the "low water bridge". The "low water bridge" was a one lane bridge built in 1962 that crossed the Yadkin River. It was built just above the water's surface and didn't have any guard rails on the sides of it. The bridge was built of wood with a layer of pavement on top of the wood. The bridge would often times be under water after any significant amount of rain. The surface was rough and uneven on the bridge. It was always exciting to ride across the "low water bridge" on a bicycle.  Unfortunately the old bridge was replaced in 2002 by a modern two lane bridge made of cement. The new bridge is much higher above the river. 

On the way to and from Rockford General Store I saw many cyclists on the road. Some where riding solo, but most were in groups. The nice weather had cyclists pulling their bikes out to enjoy a warm ride in January like child pulling toys out of the attic. 

My ride ended up being approximately 65 miles in length. I'm glad I was able to take advantage of such a beautiful January day and do one of my favorite rides. Today it's overcast and rainy, so it's back to riding on the rollers.
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My Gunnar Roadie on the new Rockford Bridge.
The view of the Yadkin River from the new Rockford Bridge.

The old low water bridge at  Rockford during a 1997 civil war reenactment.

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