Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Newbaum's Cotton Cloth Handlebar Tape

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Newbaum's Cloth Handlebar Tape
 Newbaum manufactures Cotton Cloth Handlebar Tape in the USA using only eco-friendly dyes. One roll is enough to cover one side of a handlebar. They also manufacture cloth rim strips. Click here for more information on Newbaum's.
Newbaum's Rim Strips

Twine for finishing cloth handlebar tape.

Newbaum's yellow cloth handlebar tape finished with twine.

My Surly Long Haul Trucker with Newbaum's cloth handlebar tape.
 Newbaum's handlebar tape is available in 16 different colors. Yellow is the most popular color. Most folks don't leave the yellow tape the way it is delivered. Painting the yellow handlebar tape with amber shellac turns it into a honey color that goes well with Brooks honey colored saddles. Shellac also greatly extends the life of the bar tape too.
A small can of Zinsser's Amber Shellac. Also available in clear.

Newbaum's yellow cloth handlebar tape after two coats of amber shellac.
I put one coat on and then the next day put a second coat of shellac on it to darken it a bit.

My Surly Long Haul Trucker with Newbaum's yellow cloth tape after it has been shellaced.
The above video by Rivendell shows how to wrap your bars and finish them with twine.

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