Monday, June 25, 2012

A Late Day Ride 6/25/12

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 Some days it is just hard to get motivated to go out and ride. Especially on a hot humid day like today. I decided to just go out for an easy ride and take some photographs of animals I normally see along the road on my rides. Unfortunately many of the animals and water fowl I enjoy seeing on my rides were hiding out in the shade due to the hot temperatures we have been experiencing. To make my ride more beneficial I rode a fixed gear. It turned out to be a very nice ride after all.
 This horse was tied in a meadow today along McGregor Road. It is approximately 13 months old. I have been admiring it for over a year. I see it daily as I walk on this road with my dog. 
 As it often does my route today took me through Tanglewood Park. I rode on the new multi-use paved path hoping to see some deer. I did see the one in the photo above. It is normal to see several deer while on this path.

 The deer at Tanglewood are very tame. Look how close it is to the walkers on the paved path and the campground in the background of this photo.

 Two horses eating hay out of a feeder at Tanglewood Park.

 This is Tom with his horse Katie at Tanglewood Park. Tom has been retired for eight years now and he and Katie are having a great time.
I only saw one Mallard Duck at Mallard Lake inside Tanglewood Park. 

 There were quite a few Canadian Geese at Mallard Lake.

 They are hard to see, but that's two Heron flying overhead while I am at Mallard Lake. There were actually three of them. I only got two in this photo. They have a very large wing span and fly surprisingly fast. Heron are my favorite birds to look for as I walk Poor Ole' Joe, my dog, each morning and evening.

Cattle grazing along Idles Road outside of Clemmons, NC.

 A bull, a cow and a calf on Centenary Church Road outside of Clemmons, NC.
 These two horses off of Waterworks Road outside of Clemmons, NC have plenty of room to roam.

 I passed by several fields of corn on my ride today. I don't know why but the theme from the mid 1960's television show Green Acres got stuck in my head. Below is an episode of the Green Acres Show in three parts. I hope you enjoy it if you remember the show. If you aren't old enough to remember the Green Acres television show it probably will not make any sense to you at all.

Poor Ole' Joe was glad to see that I made it back in from my ride before it got dark.

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