Sunday, November 20, 2011

Gunnar Sport - A Sunday Afternoon Ride

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Joe guarding my Gunnar Sport.
It was an exceptionally warm and windy day today. I left from my house to ride part of the up- coming Polar Bear Ride. My ride was a right at fifty miles in length. The traditional Polar Bear Route is a metric century, sixty five miles, but I took a few miles off by leaving from my house and also taking a short cut at the Advance, NC portion of my ride. This is a fun ride with beautiful scenery. The smooth ride of the Gunnar Sport made the ride even more enjoyable. 
The River Trail Mechantile is just outside of Advance, NC and is an enjoyable rest stop.
This wagon is under the front porch of the River Trail Mercantile.
A pasture with Cow's scattered across it in Davie County, NC.
Music: Nothin But Blue by The Jimmy Warren Band

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