Monday, November 14, 2011

A fun adventure ride to Tanglewood Park

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My Waterford X-22 bike beside the Yadkin River at Tanglewood Park.
It was an unusually warm day for November today. It would have been a perfect day to go on a ride of epic pa-portions, but I just wanted to have fun on my bike. On days like this I take my cyclo-cross bike. I call this my adventure bike since it has tires that are more suited to road and hard packed dirt riding than they are for cyclo-cross racing. The wheels that are presently on this bike have 700X28c "Ruffy Tuffy" tires. These are road tires that are larger than average and have a lot of puncture resistance built into them. They roll smooth on the pavement, and hold up well to off road riding. There isn't a deep enough tread pattern to work well in mud, but I just don't ride them off road unless the conditions are pretty much dry.

Today I rode over to Tanglewood Park, about a five mile ride, and made a few laps around on a route inside the park that I regularly take on this bike that incorporates many different types of surfaces. I always seem to have  the most fun and get a good work out when I do this type of ride. Having fun is what riding a bike is all about for me. I look forward to my next adventure ride and am thinking of possibilities right now. Tanglewood Park is always a good destination. Hope your next adventure ride is a good one.
A long fast section of double track across a grass field.

This section of single track trail is beside the BMX Track at Tanglewood.

Conditions were perfect for cranking out some speed in the big chainring on  this long flat  gravel road.

Tanglewood Park was willed to the people of Forsyth County by Will Reynolds, the brother of  RJ Reynolds, in 1951. "Mr. Will" raised and raced thoroughbred harness horses and established Tanglewood Farm as a home to some of the country's finest pacers.

This is part of a multiple use paved trail that is almost complete at the park. Click here for
information on this exciting  new addition to Tanlglewood Park.

Below is a short video of a section of trail along the Yadkin River.
Music: Arctic Stomp by Terry Devine-King  & Tom Jenkins

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