Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cat 8 Racing Group Ride 11-13-11

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At the Lewisville Town Square before the ride began.
I rode this afternoon with the "Cat 8 Racing" group. The ride started at 2:00 from the Lewisville, NC town square. We did the traditional "Rocket Ride",  which isn't named for the speed of the ride, but because one of the roads on the route is Rocket Road. From Lewisville, NC and back is a total of around 38 miles. I rode to and from my house to get in a few extra miles and save some money on driving expenses and ended up with just under 60 miles for the day. Riding with the "Cat 8 Racing" group is always fun. We ended up with seven riders. Staying together and working as a group made overcoming the windy conditions much easier and a lot more fun.  Another fun day riding my bike.
Riders waiting to begin.

Below is a short video of the ride just leaving Lewisville, NC on Conrad Road.
Music: Ida Mae by Lightin' Hopkins

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