Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New River Trail Ride 10/10/11

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Poor Ole' Joe guarding my bike while I fill my waterbottles.
It was around lunch time when I finished running my errands today. I have been wanting to go to the New River Trail for a long time to ride my bike.

 The New River Trail is an old railroad right of way along the New River in Southeastern Virginia that has been converted to a multi-use trail. (hikers, horses and bicycles) The trail runs from Galax, Virginia to Pulaski, Virginia and is 57 miles in length. It is also a Virginia State Park.

It took me approximately an hour and fifteen minutes to drive to the Shot Tower where I parked. The Shot Tower was built in the 1800s and used to manufacture shot for muskets.
The Shot Tower along side The New River Trail.
 The temperature was 72 degrees when I arrived at the trail and it was slightly overcast. Packed fine crushed stone is the best way I can describe the surface of The New River Trail. The conditions were dry and that was fine for riding today. I have been to the trail when it was mushy from being wet and frozen. (that makes it hard to pedal)  A little extra caution is wise when you come to sections on the trail that are covered by fallen leaves. The leaves can cover up rocks and other obstacles that might cause a fall. 

Make a day trip to The New River Trail if you get a chance. You will have a great time and it will be good for you! Below are several photos and a video I took today.
The New River from the back of the Shot Tower.
Approaching Foster Falls on The New River Trail
The old train depot at Foster Falls has been converted into a state run store and information center.
Note the green bike racks along the porch.
There are many nice clean state maintained restrooms, like the one above along  the  trail.
Folks fishing from a boat in the New River.

My bicycle, complete with video camera mounted on the handlebars, along the  New  River.
 700 x 28 Ruffy Tuffy tires inflated to 80 psi worked well for this ride.
Looking across The New River
Here I am with my bike. (taken with the camera timer)
Many sections of The New River Trail are covered by a canopy of trees.
Some sections are bordered by long sections of rock.
While I was taking this photo I could hear wild turkeys along the river.
I also thought that it might be some folks practicing their turkey calls and this made me think of my favorite Three Stooges Scene. (see below)

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