Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Slow Ride with No Particular Place To Go

I had planned to do the group ride this morning from Lewisville, NC. But I was running behind on time and once I had walked Poor Ole' Joe I would have had to time trial to the start of the ride to make it there for the beginning of the ride. I felt unusually tired this morning after a super busy week at work plus commuting back and forth. So I headed out from home for a slow ride with no particular place to go. I ended up riding through Wallburg, NC and by the edge of Thomasville , NC and on into High Point, NC. Between Thomasville and High Point I made a new friend, a fellow cyclist named Michael. Michael had a knee replaced 9 months ago and was training for the Road Groan in Elizbethton, Tennessee. After a Cup of Coffee and a muffin at Debeens Espresso I rode farther into the town of High Point. On the road in High Point, I meet a fellow cyclist who turned out to be from the Czech Republic and was on his way to Greensboro to visit friends. When I reached the entrance to High Point University I bid fair-well to my new friend and cruised through the campus. I had heard a lot about this school and wanted to see what it looked like. The High Point University Campus is wonderful place. Almost makes me wish I was back in school. My trip back home took me through the Midway, NC community. I have always found Davidson County to be an excellent place to ride and the people always friendly. 
(Unfortunately I had trouble adding music to the video I recorded on this ride and they may or may not have music with it)
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Poor Ole' Joe checking out my bicycle before my ride.

My handlebar is loaded with a Video Camera, an old model Garmin GPS device and a Powertap Computer.

Five Miniture Horses and one big Horse grazing outside of Thomasville, NC.

Coffee Stop in High Point, NC

Coffee and a Muffin

Here I am with my bicycle. This picture was taken by a young fellow, Tyler, I met that was a new  cyclist.

Cruising Through the High Point University Campus

Chickens on the side of the road in Davidson County.
Slow Ride by Foghat.

No Particular Place To Go by Chuck Berry

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