Saturday, May 13, 2017

Bianchi Infinito CV Review

2017 Bianchi Infinito CV
   I am excited to start a long time riding review of the Bianchi Infinito CV. I have owned one of these bicycles before. It has been a couple of years since I have ridden one. Over the next few months I am going to ride and share my thoughts on the experiences on this bicycle.

   This is a stock model offered by Bianchi that is built with Shimano Ultegra Components and has a set of Fulcrum Racing 5 wheels on it. The weight of the bicycle as it is offered from Bianchi is 16 pounds and 11 ounces (7.56 kilograms).

   The Infinito CV is part of Bianchi's Endurance Racing range of bicycles. It has a slightly taller head tube and longer chain stays than their Extreme Racing bicycle. The key word here is racing. The Infinito CV was designed as a racing bicycle. It is wonderful for long rides and rough surfaces and fast group rides. But it is also great for road races and I would have no hesitation to mix it up in a crit race on this bike.

   The carbon fiber used in making the frame set contains countervail. Countervail is a material developed by the aerospace company Material Sciences Corporation. It is designed to remove vibration from carbon fiber. It is interwoven into the layers of the carbon fiber of the Infinito CV. Countervail not only removes vibration, but it also makes the carbon fiber stronger. The Infinito CV was the first bike from Bianchi to have Countervail, it is now used in all of their top of the line road and mountain bikes.

MSRP: $3,799.99
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