Sunday, July 15, 2012

Paul's Track Hubs

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Paul Components' Track Hubs with a polished finish.

The folks at Paul Component Engineering machine these hubs from three inch round bars of 6061 aluminum. The hub shells are put through four different machining processes before they go to finishing. The front and rear have the same flange widths and diameters for easy wheel building and a perfectly symmetrical set of wheels.

High Flange hubs now use a special extra strong aluminum axle with stainless knurled axle faces. Fancy machined bolts and washers keep them on.

For more about Paul Component Engineering click here. To visit Paul's web site click here.

Paul's High Flange 28 hole front track hub.

Paul's High Flange 28 hole rear track hub with the fixed/freewheel flip flop option .

The cool  but simple quality packaging of Paul's Components.

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