Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Perfect Sunday Afternoon For A Ride 4/29/12

The top of Pilot Mountain as seen from Pinnacle Hotel Road.

I was a little late getting out on my bike today, so I just rode by myself. The sun was shining and the temperature was right around 80. Perch Road headed towards Pinnacle, NC has always been one of my favorite roads to ride on. There are a lot of other good roads in the area to ride on as well. It's been a long time since I had ridden on those roads, so that's where I headed.  I enjoyed seeing Pilot Mountain in the back ground during much of the ride.  I didn't ride up it today because I wanted to keep my speed up and not get bogged down on the climb. There was plenty of climbing on my ride anyway. The total ride distance was a little more than 62 miles. Today was just a great day to ride a bicycle. I hope everyone else got out and rode their bikes on this beautiful day!
Another view of Pilot Mountain from Pinnacle Hotel Road.
Riding on Pinnacle Hotel Road. Music: Sittin' Here Wonderin' by Luther Stoneham.

Looking across the countryside from Caudle Road,
On the way in I stopped at a pasture, on the edge of the Winston-Salem, NC city limits, that I've stopped at before. It has a nice mix of ponies, donkeys, lamas, sheep and goats. They were enjoying the fresh spring grass. They all came over to investigate me when I approached the fence. 
Grazing in the grass.

A donkey looking through the fence at me.
I'm not sure if this pony could see me or not.
A sheep looking through the fence.
They bored of me very quickly and went back to grazing in the grass.
 Back in 1969  Friends of Distinction sang a song about "Grazing in the Grass".

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