Monday, April 2, 2012

Cat 8 Group Ride 4/1/12

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John Kerns
Sunday afternoon I rode with the "Cat 8" group. They leave from the Town Square in Lewisville, NC on Sunday afternoons at 2:00. We did "The Rocket Ride" route. This ride goes through the East Bend, NC community and then heads in the direction of Yadkinville. The route bears off on a road to the left before reaching Yadkinville and then turns on Rocket Road. The name of the road, Rocket, is where the ride's name is derived rather than by the speed of the ride. The group rode smooth and at a very good pace. I didn't check the distance or the average speed of the group ride, but would guess the ride distance was around 40 miles. I rode to and from my house and ended up with a total ride distance of just over 60 miles. John Kerns is the ride leader and does a wonderful job. This is a great group to ride with!
Riding on Flint Hill Road headed towards East Bend, NC.

Happy Riders

Regrouping at a stop sign.

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