Monday, April 18, 2011

Adventure ride with The Salem Lake Trail thrown in for fun

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Today was one of those day when I just couldn't decide where I want to ride or what kind of ride I wanted to do. My cross bike with 700 x 28 tires is always a good choice for an adventure ride. The tires are Ruffy Tuffies made my Panaracer. They are fast enough on the road and tough enough for the trails. (I hope) I rode around some and ended up on Forth Street in downtown Winston-Salem. I kind of thought I might like to work The Salem Lake Trail or some other type of off road style riding into my ride. 

Ride through Downtown Winston-Salem, NC on Fourth Street.

The video below is riding down mainstreet in Old Salem.
The Salem Creek Greenway is right by Old Salem and it takes you all the way to The Salem Lake Trail with no cars to deal with. It was a nice day to ride. Part of the Greenway was a little under water, but that was no real problem. 
The city is in the process of draining the lake and rebuilding the dam. They have done an amazing amount of work to make sure you can still go all the way around the lake. A new section of paved Greenway has even been added to be sure folks can still enjoy the facility. This is a great asset to the community and very enjoyable even with the lake drained down.

Part of the drained section of Salem Lake.
I sort of forgot to take it easy since I had road tires on my bike. Fortunately they held up great and didn't slide at all in the corners. The Salem Lake Trail is a great place to run, walk or ride your bicycle. It's Seven miles for one lap around Salem Lake, so riding your bike is best. 

My bike on the Trail

After riding a couple of laps around Salem Lake I headed home. This ride was about fifty miles with the few detours that I took riding to and from the lake.

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