Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday Ride!

Many team members were able to make it to the ride this morning. We did a slightly diminished version of the Lewisville Metric Century. We also had a few MOB riders, plus Joe, the Man in Pink.

All was peaceful until we started getting to a few rainshowers. The roads became wet, and several riders ditched their water-spotted shades. No fireworks yet, but round mile 30, Kelly Holmes started to ramp it up with his MOB teammate Jerry (?). We closed it down pretty quickly - as there is no other way to close down a Kelly-driver break or you will never see him again - and started rotating between 30 and 34 mph. Whew.

Returning to civilization, we arrived at the base of Powerline hill. I moved to the front in attempts to set a pace fast enough to keep attacks at bay but not so much to be overcooked. About halfway up, I moved off the front while Charlie, Kelly, Jerry, Scott, Joe and Bert rolled through. I missed the kick at this point and a chunk of us were left with a gap to close on those speedsters.

Coming back into Lewisville, I teamed up with Chancey, Richard, Chad, Kevin, and Jimmy to try and close the gap. Of course, if you noticed the names in the preceding paragraph and know those characters, you knew it wasn't coming back. We rolled into Lewisville as separate groups but smiling and happy to get in such a good ride on a drizzly day.

There is talk of a Sunday recovery ride, so watch your email!

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