Sunday, July 12, 2009

RR Pictures

I think there were at least 8-9 in the 4/5 +35. Unfortunately I didn't pre-register and didn't make the cut. The field was full at 75.

Jim at the start telling the guys to "think" during the race. Chad is already wiping the sweat off of his brow. Not a good sign.

And they are off.

The final parting shot. Chancey and Erich rode the 4/5 35 under. Sounds like they put in an awesome effort. I'm sure Erich will post later. I tried to ask Erich details, but he fell asleep before I had a chance. Jill said to just let him sleep. I tried to ask Chancey as well, but he was too busy talking about the pretty ants on the ground.

I'm not sure of the final overall results from the weekend, but when they are posted I will put them up here.

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