Sunday, May 1, 2011

From The River Park on Old 421 to Rockford and Back

The group ridding up to the Rockford Store
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 I headed out for a ride from my house and thought I might be able to join in with this group for a nice ride on this Sunday afternoon. They usually pull out from the park at 2:00. I knew it would be close so I time trialed the whole way there. Sure enough just as I was approaching the entrance to the park the group was riding out of the parking lot. I pulled up to the back of the group and sat on. 

We headed toward Yadkinville on old Highway 421 for a short way and turned right onto Taylor Road. This took us in the direction of the Town of East Bend, NC. After passing through East Bend we turned right onto Rockford Road. This was a good group to ride with and we had a tail wind most of the way to Rockford. 

Once we reached the town of Rockford, NC we regrouped at the store and took a short break. The Rockford Store is always a nice place to ride to. 

On the way back to the River Park we rode up Richmond Hill and then came in on Forbush Road, Baltimore Road and on to Old 421 Hwy. 

This is a nice ride of approximately 38 miles. Skip Brown did a great job of leading the ride and looking after all the riders. The Rockford Store has been a favorite ride destination for many years and I would recommend it whole heartily.

Taking a break on the front porch of the store

Another photo of the store

The store's entrance
Skip Brown the ride leader

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